Smokin' Safari Saturday!

  • 12/31/2022
  • 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
  • Leaving from downtown Grand Rapids, MI (convenient parking available).
  • 50

NOTE: DATE OF TRIP IS NOT 12/31/2022 - DATE IS TBA and will be a Saturday.

The Guild's going on safari! It's Smokin' Safari Saturday!
And you don't have to worry about driving!


The Guild has arranged for the most rugged safari coach in the State to take us through the great forests of Michigan, all the way to the Trout Capitol of the North, Kalkaska! ...Smokin' Trout Safari Saturday!

The fabled Kalkaskan Giant Trout. Safari selfies strongly encouraged. Results may vary.

In addition to trout, Kalkaska is also known for hosting one of Michigan's two licensed cannabis lounges, Kalkushka Lounge! We'll explore Kalkushka, and a few cannabis retail stores along the way.

Explorers won't go hungry. Rations will include safari donuts & coffee, a lunch coupon, and the best pizza buffet dinner in the north.  (Vegetarian options may be available. Smokin' trout not included.) You'll also get some fun swag, maybe even a few special little gifts.

A detailed itinerary will be sent after registration. We expect this trip to sell out.

Member sales begin a full week before non-member sales. Score! 

The registration fee includes a donation to the WMCG's PAC. Feel free to email with questions or to request no PAC donation. 
Thank you for your support!

Safari outfits encouraged.

All adult passengers are welcome, including future members. Current WMCG members get a great discount, early ticket sales, and everlasting good fortune.

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