The mission of the West Michigan Cannabis Guild is

To responsibly and equitably develop and promote West Michigan’s legal cannabis industry
through education, community involvement, and support of legal cannabis causes.

The mission was last proposed by the Guild's Board of Directors and ratified by its members in July 2022. Our Board of Directors is responsible for setting the overall direction of the Cannabis Guild, with the four officers executing the plan. The Board meets in Grand Rapids every other month.  Board elections take place every March at the Guild's annual meeting. If you are interested in attending meetings and/or being on the Board, please email us at The Board application is available in the members area. Thank you!

Current Board of Directors

Landon Bartley, AICP
Interim President
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Jessie Benson

Vice President
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Sarah Elizabeth
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Edith Farrell

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Jessica Austin

Board Member

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Amaad Hardy
Board Member
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Casey Kornoelje

Board Member

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John Lipford, JD

Board Member
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Erin Taylor, Ph.D.
Board Member
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Previous Board Members

The OGs of cannabis in West Michigan. We wouldn't be where we are today without their hard work:

  • Justin Ayers
  • Jamie Cooper
  • Mysty Eves
  • Cliff Frantz
  • Connor Gregory
  • Tennille Harkness
  • Roberta King
  • Trent McCurren
  • Ricardo Millet
  • Denavvia Mojet
  • Daniel Perez
  • Justin Razmus
  • Roy Schmidt
  • Chris Silva
  • Janet Tombre
  • Michael Tuffelmire
  • Leslie Wyman
  • Tami VandenBerg

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