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About Us

West Michigan Cannabis Guild (WMCG) is a community of industry professionals dedicated to developing and promoting West Michigan’s legal cannabis industry through education, community and industry organizing, and support of legal cannabis causes.

Policy priorities:

  • Encourage municipalities to allow the legal, licensed cannabis industry to operate ("opting in")
  • Support ordinances that regulate the cannabis industry fairly, based on science and facts, not fear.
  • Help members who are working to own (or be employed at) a cannabis business in West Michigan understand the regulatory challenges that they face.
  • Create a guide to help individuals effectively advocate for cannabis in their community.
  • Dispel misinformation and the harmful social stigmas associated with cannabis use.

Political Action 

We are a non-partisan PAC that supports candidates in local and State races that commit to correcting the problems and inequities caused by decades of cannabis prohibition. Party affiliation does not affect our likelihood of endorsing an individual candidate.

2020 endorsements:

      • John Fitzgerald
      • Bill Saxton
      • Lily Cheng-Schulting
      • Monica Sparks

There's an election coming up on November 3, 2021. Do you know which candidates you'll be supporting? There are also often cannabis-related initiatives on the ballot, in addition to many issues we're keeping track of. Check them out here.

Hot Issues

  • The Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act is currently in its comment period, until September 1, 2021. Check it out (and our talking points for comments) in the Federal section of our Current Issues page.

  • The State of Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has just released new draft rules for the cannabis industry. Check them out in the State section of our Current Issues page. A public hearing on the rules will be held in Lansing on September 27, 2021. We're also hosting a members-only webinar and Q&A with MRA Director Andrew Brisbo on Friday, September 17, 2021 at noon. Register online here.

Upcoming Meetings & Events


P.O. Box 3591 Grand Rapids, MI 49501.

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